Saturday, April 11, 2009

My magic wand

A balloon lady came to our table last night at dinner. She said she could make anything. I asked for a magic wand. This is what she made. Apparently it works. I used it on the cupboard and see how cleaned off it is. I'll have to try it on a few other things.

Lots of new rags

I have found a new pattern for dish rags that is easy enough that I don't have to make cards to get the pattern right. It goes very fast and I love it. I have only had the pattern a week and I have finished 2 rags. One of them I used up a ball of yarn and successfully tied on another and finished the rag. I thing it looks pretty good. Now I will try and put pictures of them on this post.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Happy 30th Anniversary!

Jeffrey and I went to our favorite beach front hotel for a couple of days. It was in celebration of our 30th wedding anniversary. We walked and sat on the beach, walked around Laguna Beach and ate at many fun places. I even found a new knit shop. It had a new pattern for dishrags. It is so easy I can do it from memory. They also had a book with patterns for baby washrags. It was a good vacation.