Friday, June 24, 2011

The Spider

This is the coolest trick ever so that you don't have a lot of strings hanging off of your quilts or sewing projects. The small piece of fabric (pink and purple flowers) is where you start our sewing. when you are don with the seam, you just snip it off and all the long unruly threads go with it. I love using it on these quilts I have just finished.Now the next step is to get the fabric stapled to the boards of the quilting frames so I can pin baste all the layers together. Happy sewing!

Friday, June 17, 2011

I took a break from working on the quilts

The first weekend in April Jeff and I went to Laguna Beach and celebrated our 32nd wedding anniversary. It was fun and relaxing. The view from our room was opened up because they replaced all the wood railings and fence with plastic and glass. It was very nice.April 6 - 12 I went to Scott's house. We had a wonderful visit. We read stories and drew pictures. I think our favorite was going to the park. Sunday there was even a tornado watch. The bad weather went by to the north. I was able to teach Scott how to hem jeans. I thought that was pretty cool. I was there for Scott and Stacy's 13th wedding anniversary. I stayed home with the girls while they went out to dinner and a movie.

Marjorie and James came down for his spring break. They got here while I was gone to Scott's. When I got home, we worked on Marjorie's quilt and got it all sandwiched together. We found out the back was too short, so we got extra fabric. She took it home and has since put it on. I would put in a picture of the quilt but I promised her I would let her post about the quilt.

Here are a couple of cute pictures of Aaron and Sean during our trip to Utah for Grandma Hart's 88th birthday/Easter weekend.

I love the picture of Jeff and Curtis saving seats waiting for the graduation to start. Two seconds later Curtis jumped up to make sure everyone got together for the graduation.
Here is Jeffrey playing with Kenny dog in the car. He is so cute.

I hope this post comes out alright. I am still learning to work this blogger. Next I am going to try posting a video.