Monday, October 24, 2011

Grandma's visit

Thought I would post some pictures of Grandma Hart's visit. There was a heavy marine layer the day we went to the beach. It never did get sunny that day while we were there.

One of the evenings we did a video call with Curtis and Christine for training an Grandma's ipad. It was very helpful for both of us. Good thing we talked so I didn't try and charge her ipad on my computer. She was bummed that hers didn't have a camera on it for chats. Thank you Curtis and Christine for the training.

Wednesday we went to the San Diego Zoo Safari Park. We wanted to go on the tram ride around to see the animals. We started walking and saw a zip line that was 2/3's of a mile. The whole walk to the tram was a mile. We asked Grandma several times if she wanted a wheelchair or motorized cart. She said no and just kept walking. We did stop and rest several times though.Thursday Grandma wanted to go get some souvenirs. We went to Laguna Beach. I didn't know where to go. We walked around for a while. We stopped in a flower shop, Flowers,Too, and asked if they had some sea shells. They lady said she did and went to find them. When she came back, she brought this cute vase of shells with small roses in it. It was the greatest souvenir ever.
So glad that Grandma Hart came to visit. It was fun to show her where we live.
P. S. Tuesday afternoon there was a doorbell ring. Grandma had called the shop and had this beautiful flower arrangement sent. It was a wonderful surprise and so beautiful. Thanks Grandma!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Grandma Hart and I are making a quilt

Grandma sent fabric home with me when we went to see her for her birthday last April. Now that she is here, we are sewing strips together like these to cut them on the diagonal and alternate them with plain navy blocks sashed with black polka dot strips. There are the strips sew together. We tried to rip them but not all the fabrics were straight. so most of them ate cut.
There are a couple of pictures to kinda show the lay out. It is so fun to work with a master quilter!
This is what we had put together when Grandma left. There are probably 15 or so more diagonal squares ready to go. I wanted to get the other quilts I was working on done, so this one is put away with notes on it to work and finish another day.

There will be more to come. Happy Sewing!

My Quilt Progress

While Grandma Hart is here she wanted to work on making a quilt top. We have rolled up the quilt frames and put them at one end of the room so we can work on the top. You will have to look closely. It is behind the ironing board.
Here are some pictures of the progress from the under side of my quilt. If I took the pictures on the top you wouldn't be able to see it. These pictures are in no particular order.