Sunday, December 19, 2010

Practice in putting pictures on the blog for the new computer

I wanted some practice putting pictures on the blog. I know that there are already pictures of these in earlier blogs but it was good practice.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

A New Way To Do Pictures

I had to have Dad help me figure out a new way to do this on the new computer. Here are some of the pictures I have done tonight. This one is Scott on his skate board. He had a little paper route on Thursday mornings for awhile. He saved his money and bought this skateboard. It looks like we took this picture on a Sunday. It is in front of the house in Kearns.
This is Alex sitting at the kitchen table in Kearns. It was his 6th birthday which must have been on a Sunday too. Gloria made the Batman cake. She was into cake decorating then.
This Picture of Curtis was taken on Marjorie's birthday 1986. What a cutie!This is one of my most treasured pictures. This is what I saw as I walked into the kitchen one afternoon. I think Marjorie was trying to make bread and got carried away. Instead of getting mad at the mess, I am so thankful I grabbed the camera.
I love putting this new hobby in blogs. You can keep the pictures and comments together. More to come later.

My new hobby

I have learned how to scan pictures on to a thumb drive and then put them on my computer. I have spent the last 2 Sundays scanning in some old family photos. Here are some of my favorite. This is another learning process. Dad has changed me to a Mac. This is the first time I'm trying it. Well I have them in there now I have to figure how to get them on to here. More later.