Friday, January 4, 2013

Favorite Kenny pictures

I want to go too!

Let's go get Grandpa

belly rubs

Granmas trying to take our picture from her phone with Kenny on her lap. Didn't work so well.

Grandpa walking Kenny
Best shot Grandma got of Kenny while trying to walk him.

The End of an Era

As you can see this is the flour can our family has used probably since shortly after we became a family. It has followed us on our journey through life. I remember as a girl my mom had 2 cans like this one was for flour and one was for sugar. I think one was slightly larger and blue though. They sat in the corner of the kitchen between the fridge and the cupboard where she kept her china. There was always a Union Pacific Calendar on the wall above them.  It always had beautiful scenic color pictures.This particular can is the same one that was where Marjorie got the flour when I took that favorite of all time picture. She was two and there was flour all over the kitchen floor. This is also the same can the flour came out of when Marjorie and Curtis threw flour all over the garage in Camarillo. I had to go to a scout meeting and Jeff cleaned it up. I am sure there is still flour on the rafter of that garage.
When we lived on Via Bahia, it was in the garage under the dart board. It has several holes on the edge of the lid. This flour can has served our family well. It has been a tithing blessing. 
When I opened it to make bread this holiday season, there were bugs in it for the first time ever. We got rid of the can and will have to find something small to replace it. We don't need this big can now that the nest is empty

Quilts this Christmas

Last September, after our train trip to the quilt show in San Diego, I decided I should get out the quilt top I started 7 or 8 years ago.  I should have it quilted. I took it to Lillian Lee in Laguna Hills to be machine quilted. She did a leaf pattern. It is beautiful. I did the binding around the edges. I gave it to Jeff for Christmas. The picture was taken Christmas morning.

These little quilts I made for Aaron and Sean. I had the fabric for the Cars quilt. I was lucky enough, with the help of a lady at Joann's on sale day, to find the matching flannel for the Toy Story quilt. I think they turned out cute If I do say so myself.

I still have Kourtney's bed quilt and will send it soon. Scot will send pictures for another post of that.
I Love Making Quilts