Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Playing with Aaron

While I was in Utah for Marjorie's bridal shower, I got to play with Aaron. It was fun watching him help with the laundry. We also built block towers, and played peek-a-boo. I certainly enjoyed my time with Aaron, Alex and Jo.

Marjorie's Bridal shower

Genifer Adam Bacher gave Marjorie a bridal shower Saturday, August 1st. I was able to go and be there for the fun. It was great to talk to all of my side of the family and meet James' family. We played a couple of games and each wrote a bit of advice on a paper flower that was put into an arrngement. We all brought our favorite dish and a recipe to build Marjorie's collection. Since I flew in I was not able to make anything so I had an edible arrangement delivered that was full of yummy fruit and some chocolate strawberries. There were some really tasty dishes and we all had a good time. I am so glad I was there. The best part for me was the smile on Marjorie's face and the cute twinkle in her eye when she talked about James.