Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Apple Trip

On the afternoon of October 3 we went for a ride up to Oak Glenn for our annual apple trip. There had been fires a couple of weeks earlier. I heard that they had evacuated homes in Oak Glenn. We called to see if things were open. They said come on up. We are all here and open.

So we had a lovely drive up there and didn't see any fire damage at all. We drove into our favorite place to get the apples and were very discouraged to see cars packed way back up the road. When we got up there we drove around and saw a huge line out the door of the barn. We were lucky to get a very close parking place. We walked in and found the apple guy. They had the 2 bushel of golden delicious to bottle and a bushel of huge jonagolds to eat that we wanted. We waited while they boxed them up and found out that the line out the door was people waiting for donuts. We were able to drive up to the side door and they put the apples in the back.

We went right down to the Little Dumpling restautant. I walked in and got seated immediately. Jeff got the last apple dumpling for the day. That is what he really wanted. He said it was yummy.

After dinner we went to the art gallery. Jeff likes to visit it every time we go. He said it is his mom's fault he likes to look at art. The artist was working on a large painting of ahelicopter dropping water on the fires in the mountains by his house.He picked out a bobcat picture to have framed. We also picked out a pretty picture of floral trees and a house in the background for me. We will go up and get it this weekend. (Oct. 17)

We went home the other way from where we came. We saw alot of fire damage going home. One side of the road was really burnt alot and the other side was not touched. It was the side of the road the houses were on. We wondered if they had started back fires to stop the progress of the fire at the road. Thanks to the firefighters.

All in all it was a great apple trip.