Monday, May 6, 2013

Getting back in the Saddle

Last week Jeff went to Santa Clara to pack up a lab to be shipped back down here. He has his project all over the garage. I was able to take my quilt to the church cultural hall with the help of Ricki and her long car. I'm not sure I could make it work in my little Corolla.  Carol also came and helped us pin the sandwiched layers together. We rolled it up put it back in Ricki's car and brought it home. This is what it looked like. I was able to get it upstairs and set up in my dewing room that evening.

These are the choices I had for quilting thread. Everyone I asked liked the dark green better. So did I. That is what I am using to do this quilt.

These are the first stitches. I am using the same pattern as I did on the other quilts. I found at the end of the last quilt, it goes faster when I go across in a line rather than doing squates. That is what I am doing this time. I almost have the first half of the first line done. More pictures later.