Thursday, July 28, 2011

July Trip 2011

I made a trip to Utah this summer to spend some time with family. It was over the American Fork town celebration, Steel Days. There was a small quilt show in the Senior Center there. It had a lot of creative quilts. I also saw the type of quilting I want to do on the ones I am working on now, larger stitches and crochet cotton. There was also a class reunion for American Fork High Class of 1971. I was glad for the senior pictures on the name tags so I knew who I was talking with. This is my picture. Boy that is a lot of big hair going on.

I was able to see Breanna in the dress I had made for her pioneer trek. The store set aside a child size 12 pattern. It was supposed to be a misses size 12. Luckily Gloria was able to trim the inside sleeve seam and add a ruffle at the bottom. They just let the sleeves be short. It was fun to make. glad Breanna could wear it in spite of the mistake.
Here are my favorite pictures of Sean and Aaron on the days I went to play with them in the morning

Breanna and I went and played miniature golf. The picture shows where Breanna hit her first ball so that it stopped on the top of that curve. It just sat there until she hit it again. Once in a lifetime?

After one round of miniature golf, it was hot and humid. We wanted to do something inside. I suggested bowling. Breanna was in flip-flops. We stopped at Walmart on the way to the bowling alley for socks. We played 3 games. We got better with each game. Love those bumpers!

There was a birthday party for Aaron and Sean on Sunday morning the day between their birthdays. Sean was 1 on July 9 and Aaron was 3 on July 11. This is some of the fun playing with the presents. Brittani Petersen hosted a family party at her house July 10 2011. Everyone from Utah was there. It was noted that we were all descendants of Daniel Cutler and Ida Smith. The day before was Daniel's birthday. He would have been 103 years old. There is a grandson, Austin Daniel Cobbley, with that birthday also. He was 21. There is also a great grandson, Sean Sorensen Hart with that birthday. He turned 1.
Gloria took some time off and we got to spend Tuesday together. We went and saw the movie, 17 Miracles, and then did some shopping. It was fun to spend time together. It was a good trip. So glad I could go.
I would like to give a big Thank You to Brittani for offering to loan me a car while I was there. It made it possible for me to get the places I needed to be on my own. Thanks Brittani!

Summer 2011

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

My Day with Kenny

Curtis and Jeff were going to take a trip in the new Jeep to the back country. I thought it would be fun to have Kenny for the day. When Curtis brought Kenny in the morning he couldn't wait to go play in the back yard.

Jeff and Curtis as they ran out the door. Kenny and I went out in the backyard as they went out the front door. Kenny ran right around to the side gate and was whining to go through it and go with them. That only lasted a 1/2 second and we were chasing toys in the yard.Kenny is hiding the toy after chasing it several times. We went on walks every 2 hours because I thought he wanted to go.
By early afternoon, Kenny picked under the kitchen table for his naps.
Then he wanted a little more privacy, so he found the rug under the piano several times for some more alone time. I'm not great at catching cute poses.
This is how we went for walks. Kenny was leading the way and setting the pace.
That is the best picture I got of him all day.
Kenny listening to another dog over the fence barking.
Best stop action picture I took.

Kenny and Curtis after they got home. Kenny had been resting , almost asleep. When the boys walked in about 10:30 pm , Kenny was wide wake and full of energy.
It was a fun day and I am glad I got spend the day with Kenny.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Finished Quit Tops

I am working on the boards to my quilt frames. I am stapling fabric on to them so I can attach the quilt with pins instead of thumb tacks that drive me nuts.

This is the second quilt I finished.

This is the finished quilt top I finished first.I have also tried the back on to check for size and found that it is about 1/4th of a yard too short. I will have to do a patch project on the backs. That is where I am with these quilts as of today July 18, 2011. Happy sewing!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Staple project

Here is a picture of the stapling project that I have worked on tonight. I washed and ironed this white mid-weight fabric. I measured and cut it into strips, folded it in half and zigzagged the raw edges. I figured out the staple gun and used it to attach the fabric to the board. Now when I use them, I will be able to pin the quilt to the fabric and not have to push thumb tacks into the boards. I am doing this project in preparation to pin the twin quilts together to be quilted. I think it is very cool!


I went to a quilt show last weekend. It was rather small but had a lot of quilts to inspire me. I saw a couple of them that were quilted with the larger crochet cotton with stitches that were larger and evenly placed. That is what I want to do with the two tops I have ready now.

I have fabric to cut into strips and staple on the boards of my quilt frames. It is so that I can pin the quilts on instead of having to put them on with thumb tacks. i just can't push them in. Better get working on it. Pictures later. Happy sewing