Sunday, December 9, 2012

Favorite pictures from the quick trip over Labor Day

We made a quick trip to Utah over the Labor Day weekend. Shirl and ElDora were coming from Roseville, CA to visit Mom. We made the trip too. It turned out very well. Jeff and Shirl were able to have a nice visit. We had dinner together as a family too. Jeff and I were able to stay with Uncle Mark, Mama's brother, in American Fork. It still feels like Alpine to me. It was so good to connect with all the family on this trip. I even learned a few things about my mom that I didn't know before.

We were also able to spend a bit of time with Alex and the boys. They are growing so fast. The part I loved best was when Sean asked Aaron to write something for him on the toy. Aaron didn't know how and told Sean, "Can Grandma help you?" Grandma was more than happy to help. I also loved it when Sean told me my hair smelled nice.

We had a nice dinner at Marjorie's apartment on Sunday afternoon with Hawaiian Haystacks. They were yummy and Dad loved them. Alex and the boys came along with Gloria and her family.
Monday we stopped at the Purple Turtle on the way out of town and saw Steven. He invited us to come up to the Paiute Trail Family Campout October 10-15. That is for another post.
We were afraid of the traffic on the way home from Las Vegas. It was fine and not any trouble at all.
It was a great trip!