Thursday, January 26, 2012

New place for the quilt progress

I got a new phone for Christmas. It is so much easier to post pictures and Facebook, that I have not updated the blog for awhile. The quilt on the blog might be a thing of the past. Here are a couple of pictures of the current progress as of today January 26, 2012.
This stripe on the edge of the picture is at the edge of the second half of the quilt. I only have to finish up some squares on each side. Then do one more row and the half that is on the board and the quilting of this one is done. Then only binding and it is ready to send. Hope to finish soon.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Family came for Christmas 2011

The first to arrive were Marjorie and James. They got here about 6 pm Thursday night, December 22. Marjorie had worked early the day before. James picked her up after work and they drove to St, George that night. They got there about 9:15 pm.

Curtis and Christine flew in to Ontario that same night about 11 pm. Hardings picked them up at the airport and took them home. They stayed there for this visit. Christine was only here for basically the weekend. She has just started a new job and had to go back to work. Curtis stayed there most of the rest of his visit.

This is the latest picture I have of Chrsitine. I was very sad to see, when all was said and done, I didn't have a picture of her this trip. I promise to do better next time.We had a wonderful day Friday. Jeff and James went up into the back country and did some shooting and 4-wheeling. Marjorie and I went to get James a Christmas present. We went to the new Deseret Book in Santa Ana. We looked and looked and couldn't decide on of anything. Then Marjorie remembered that they had Kindles on sale at Staples. That was the perfect thing. We went to a close one. They were out of them. So they called the one down in Foothill and they had one. so we go it later.

Saturday I was up early. I had to make rolls and banana bread before we went to get Harts at the airport about 11:30 am. I started on the banana bread first and then the rolls. I got them done enough that Marjorie could cook them for me while I ran to the Apple store for 1 last important present and then stop at Costco for some big groceries that would be needed. It all came together perfectly. I got the perfect parking spots and the stars alined so I got it all done and was ready to go get Harts. Marjorie and James got their stuff out in the car to move to the HOtel close to home. We just didn't have room for all those people. They could have their own little family place and be close enough to be with us too.

The flight that Harts came in on was early. WE didn't quite make it before it meet them at the baggage claim. So when we got there Jeff dropped me off and I ran in to meet them while we waited for their luggage. Jeff just circled the airport a couple of times and we went to the curb for pickup.
On the way back home, Martin was going crazy with all the cars he was seeing on the freeway. I didn't even think of that as something he would enjoy. I needed to get ready for the dinner at Hardings with the towel gifts and I had to make the bed with the clean sheets and set up Teh room for Martin by taking down my quilting frame and putting it at the end of the room. Jeff and Martin went for a ride down PCH to the beach and the pier They met us at the Hardings for a lovely Christmas Eve dinner.

Christmas Day was quiet. Jeff and I got up and went to church. We missed seeing Marjorie and James as they cam in so they sat at the back. We got to talk to a few people after church. We came home and everybody did their own thing. Grandma painted with watercolors. Marjorie worked on the book of Remembrance project she is doing for Jeffrey. James looked up things he could get for his new Kindle. Jeff and Martin watched the new Star Trek movie. I worked on the food for the BBQ. I didn't get the rest of the groceries so we were out of briquettes to the BBQ Curtis came in and saved the day with his INO cooking skill and did the burgers on the electric grill. After dinner we did presents and then had a game of Pit and Uno. It was a great Christmas

Monday we went to the beach at Doheny State beach. We made a wood fire and cooked hot dogs and the kids roasted marshmallows. the weather was great. Marjorie heard a song on the country station that said "all I want for Christmas is a real good tan" here was our chance. We opted for the hotdogs instead.

Jeffrey cooking hot dogs. We could not have asked for more beautiful weather for this whole visit. It felt like summer the whole week. Temperatures were in the 75 to 80 range.
We took this picture before the boys headed off the the back country up by Frazier Park for some shooting and 4 wheeling.
Betty and I went and scouted out a quilt place i had heard about called Piecemakers. It was amazing. It has patterns and fabrics and supplies for any kind of soft craft you would want to do. They even have a little kitchen and tea room where you can have lunch family style, all-you-can-eat for $5. That is where we had lunch that day. Betty really liked this place.

After we ere done there, we rode down PCH to the little flower shop we found on Betty's trip in October. We had a nice visit with Maggie and got some shells and flowers. she makes the cutest little folded boxes.

Thursday, we went to the San Diego Zoo. There were a million people but we were lucky enough to get a parking lace in the lot not on the street. We rode around the zoo on the bus and then went down to the big cats for Martin and Jeff to take pictures.
We took this quick picture on the way out.

Friday WE took Martin and Grandma to Orange County Airport. Then I cam home and changed the sheets and got the quilt back up to start working on it. The Bowl game that BYU was playing in was on TV. I sat down worked while I watched the game. It was an exciting the last 11 seconds. BYU won.

Curtis and Kenny came in the afternoon.They went up to the upper field to run and play in an effort to wear Kenny out. Saturday they were going home and Kenny would be in his carrier for a long time. They ran and played. There was another man up there with his dogs. Kenny is a very social dog.
We had to go to the airport very early on Saturday morning. Curtis stopped just before we went into the terminal and picked up Kenny. The minute you walk in, it is no longer early in the morning. I could see Kenny shivering. It was so good that Curtis was holding him. It was New Years Eve morning. There were a million people the in lines. We Got through the line in about 15 minutes.
By the time we got to the security line, Kenny was comfortable enough to get down and stand on his back feet to look over the ledge down into the baggage claim area. We are sorry for all the trouble they had getting home on their flight that day.

We are so glad for all the company we had during the Christmas holiday in 2011. Wishing a Happy and Prosperous new Year for all of us.