Thursday, June 28, 2012


Today I am thankful for pockets.
*I can put my phone in my pocket and it goes with me wherever I go. I don't have to scramble when I hear if ring.
*I can put my socks in my pocket when I am getting ready to go so I have them when I get to putting my shoes on.
* I love putting my keys in my pocket so that when I am done at the store or wherever I am, I don't have to search to the black hole which is the bottom of my purse.
* I can put meds in my pocket to free up my hands to do other things when going out to dinner . That way I have what I need at dinner.
*I have some place to put my hands when they don't have several things in each one.
*I love pockets because they hold credit cards and money so I don't loose them. I love it when I get back the money that was in them taking out the wash. Although, I have to be extra careful that I don't leave my phone in them and have it go thru the washer. That would be really bad!!!.

I am so thankful for pockets. There was I time that I was so big that it didn't matter if my pants had pockets in them, I could not use the pockets. I am so thankful to have them and use them now. Me now compared to me then is a miracle!