Friday, October 15, 2010

Showing Progress Again

I am learning so much by doing this blogging. I had 2 files of pictures I wanted to put together. When I was copying them, some of them had the same number. ('scuse me, I need help over here!) Jeffrey showed me how to put a little"a" after the number and they all transferred just fine. Now all the pictures from this quilt project are in the same file. Now I can update my blog much easier.
I put the pictures together once and at the very end figured out how to get them side by side. I didn't see a delete bottun, so I logged off and on again. When I started over I put "Again" in the title so they would be different from each other. Hopefully the first try is gone.
This picture is to show the sets of blocks that will go in the planned quilts. They are sitting on the background fabrics. The sets of blocks sitting on the table are the extra ones being made at the same time. They will be for future quilt projects.

With so many different sets of blocks, I was having trouble keeping track of how many were in each pile. I put the number on a post-it note and then on a tissue so the sticky from the note would not get on the quilt block. This has really helped me keep track of where I am in the project. This is quilt 1.

These are the extra blocks.
At the right, are the ones for quilt 2.

Each quilt needs 26 9-patch blocks and 32 stripe blocks. I put that on a note too so I didn't have to keep looking it up.

After I had been sewing awhile and had several block done. I was curious to see how the first row of each quilt will turn out. I laid them together just to see what it would look like.

I am still learning how to put this blog together. One of these days I will get it figured out. I have learned that you have to plan the pictures you are going to put on because they go on from the bottom up. Tonight I got them to go on side by side after changing the position. Now if I can just get the ones across from each other to be on the same level that will be another thing I have learned.
I am now down to figuring out how many more I need of each block and cutting just the right number of 8 inch strips into blocks to finish up. There might be a tiny light at the end of the tunnel of these blocks. Back to the sewing machine and ironing board.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me

On the weekend of my birthday I found a crochet pattern I wanted to try. I haven't done any crocheting. With the help of youtube, I found videos on how to do crochet. It looked easy enough so I started a scarf. The crochet hook and yarn are huge. The little whate card is a 3X5 card with the pattern written on it. It was fun to try.
Curtis and Christine invited us to come and see their new apartment. It is nice. We played Skipbo, Racko and Uno. They were such good sports. Then we did presents. I loved the sugar-free cookies. I, also, had my first lesson in new ipod touch technology. Curtis and Christine said if I could do facebook I could do this little thing. We have had bonding experiences. It is like being in my own little world.

Curtis and Christine made a lovely dinner. We had birthday cake for dessert. Mine was sugar free of course. It was a great a great birthday spent with my family.

A new quilt project

Here are the pictures as I start another quilt project. These will be 2 quilts when I am finished using the same squares with different fabrics and backgrounds. These are the original fabrics. The purple was out of place. In a later picture, it is replaced witha light green and looks much better.
This is the fabrics for the second quilt. They hit things off right the first time.

This is what the green looks like with the fabrics. I like it much better. There is a little green in a couple of the flowers of the background. In changing the purple to green I will be making an extra set of 9 patch squares. When I am done with the 9 patches and stripes, I will have enough for 4 quilts. There will be more pictures to come soon. Happy sewing.