Saturday, July 21, 2012

The end is getting close

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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Letter Writing

In General Conference I heard one of the speakers say that a real letter, handwritten, is a true gift and something that you can hold in your hand. That is so true.
I remember letters from my life
I wrote letters to the missionaries from our ward when it was the boys my age on missions.
 I loved letters when I was away from home Thinderella, Rexburg, San Antonio, Tacoma.
   I don't remember exactly when it was but I noticed a difference in the way it felt to get a letter that was written on a word processor instead of hand written. I loved getting all the information and news from home. It was not as personal when the only writing on it was the signature.
I wrote letter to Stevens on his mission.
When we moved to  California I wrote letters home on the computer. At first I wrote a letter to each family. Than I started writing the letters to both families. I really love to get letters from home too. Mama wrote about once a week. Loved getting letters from Mama most weeks.
 I wrote Gloria on her mission wrote home every week, It helped me in ways that I didn't realize it would. It helped me to look for the positive things and look for inspiring messages.
 I wrote every week to Scott on his mission in North Carolina. We even got 1 or 2 emails from him people sent from the field.
I wrote to Alex on his mission in Italy. Half way through he started doing email. I really looked forward to the day and time they would show up in my inbox but I missed getting the letters from the mailbox.

   Now once again I have important people to write real letters. I am writing real letters to Katie. I am showing her that I can be her friend without being on Facebook. I send her real letters. I love it when she writes back. I can also send letters to my other grandchildren.  I am also writing to Grandma Hart. I am also writing to Joshua Cadden on his mission. Right now he is in the MTC in Provo. the middle of August he will go to Santiago Chile, Michael Hart, Troy's son is on his mission in Las Vegas Nevada West Mission. I have written him too. He is in the area where I was born, near Nellis Air Force base.

I love to write letters and get them too.

Favorite Pictures from my Utah Trip July 2012

Aaron building the Angry Birds house.



Birthday cake

Aaron and his pink camera

Presents Galore!
Gloria and Breanna
We bowled 3 games. Gloria is a pretty good bowler.

Breanna in her new outfit. When did she get that grown up?
This is the best of the fmaily pictures grandma tried to take.

Marjorie, You are lookin" good!

The empty baggage claim at Long Beach Airport. They are remodeling the airport and the new one is on the other side of the wall.

A Day at the Niabi Zoo April 12, 2012

This is our rental car. We needed it so we could all go together to the Niabi Zoo and the Coral Ridge Mall in Iowa City. It was just the right size for all of us.
The first thing we did when we got to the zoo, was ride the train around the whole zoo. It is just the right size of a zoo.
Scott really loves to take pictures. He was snapping them all over the zoo.
A swan in the water over all these fish. They are hanging out around the place where people throw in pellets.
Katie and Stacy standing by the pig pen
I didn't know pigs would bite!Yikes!

Kourtney rode around in the stroller most of the day 


Kourtney and Grandpa

Heading home

Posing for the camera

Grandpa and Katie posing

Katie posing one more time.

It was a great day at the Niabi Zoo. We went home and had dinner wi left cooking in the crock pot.
It was such a fun day!

Our day at home in Iowa April 10-14

Sorry this blog has been waiting so long. This is when we were at Scott's in Iowa last April 2012. The pictures below are of the bunnies Great Grandma Hart sent the girls for Easter.

Katie riding her bike at the park.

Cuddling with Kourtney and Bunkey


Katie and Grandpa

Jeff and Scott went on a field trip to the gun store in the mall in  Iowa City.
Katie and Grandma's Spa Day! We did each others hair and make-up.

Kourtney eying the make-up box. 

We did each other's finger nails. Katie wanted her nails done every other one pink and purple.

Grandma had hers done all a pretty pink.

Then we did  play dough for a long time. It was really  fun.
After lunch, we walked over to the Scone House. The girls had cookies and Grandma got to take pictures.

It was a beautiful afternoon. We played out in the back yard. Katie and I played pretend restaurant where she made me wonderful healthy things with no sugar in them. Kourtney played with her baby and stroller.

When Jeff and Scott got back he got out the little ride-it jeep. Both girls could make it go like greased lightening.
We all had fun doing sidewalk chalk.

We promised to babysit while Scott and Stacy went on an anniversary date (14 years) if they would let me take a picture of them before they left. They went to dinner and a show.
Side Note: a half hour after dinner, the city called and said to boil all water until further notice. Jeff and I boiled the water and washed the dinner dishes. The order was lifted the next morning a water pipe had broken somewhere in town.

Grandpa chillin' and taking it all in.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Finished Rag

Here is the finished rag from yesterday. It looks great with the counter top.

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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Back Country dishrag

I started this dishrag as we left home today about noon. Jeffrey is shooting in the back country of Ventura County. It is about 6:30 pm and the sun would be in his eyes but he is shooting from the shade behind the Jeep. He is using targets he found here. He forgot the bowling pin.
I'm going to set behind him in the shade and knit. I want to try and finish the rag before we get home about 10 tonight if I have a book light with me now.


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